Years ago I took my first journey to India to rediscover life.  I’ve been to India four times, living on the subcontinent nearly three years.

Throughout my travels — throughout the process — I’ve discovered virtually every person I’ve met and spent time with, whether a traveler or not,  has a story to tell.  We all have a story we carry with us.  We all have something to offer, though we may not know it.

I’ve lived on four different continents throughout my life.  Would I change anything?  One thing, yes: had I known the inspiration I feel today was within me in the more distant past, I would have started collecting people’s stories long before my first journey to India.

For a long time I’ve wanted to make a film — you know “all or nothing” — the feature film that would awe the world.

I’m no pro filmmaker.  Far from it.  And “techno-logic” idiosyncrasy is not my forté.

Technology!  What a headache and struggle for the techno-inept-all-thumbs-dumb-dumb like me!

But I try to the best of my ability to understand and…adapt.

And sometimes I really do surprise myself, even though techno-stuff bores me to tears.  Anyway, I’d rather conceptualize and be the creative director and have everyone else enjoy what they do best — and with passion — to make an idea come to live.

But, here I am.  A lone “filmmaker”.

And so during my third journey in India, when I finally surrendered to the reality I should start small if I plan to do anything with visual storytelling, the idea of a very realistic idea spontaneously blinked on like a flood light in my mind: PeoplesStories.

I know a lot of people in Rishikesh, India.  Rishikesh is my second home.

So, while in Rishikesh, I began to record spontaneous interviews with travelers and locals alike.  And every time I finished recording a story I realized I learned something new, just by asking someone to share their life on camera.  I quickly realized my passion to capture the essence of someone’s life, to give the person a “platform” to share something about themselves that they secretly desire to share to all the world.

And with every interview — without fail — there is a moment when the interviewee suddenly kindles like a warm, happy flame for some life event or aspect they start sharing about their life, something akin to what it must be like when a stage actor moves the audience to laughter or tears with his or her performance.

My intent is to improve technically as I learn the storytelling world and film-making in general.

For now, I hope at least one story here give you inspiration to live your vision and dreams…the way you see it.

Happy Visions.