My wife and I devote our time and resources to share with viewers and friends like you stories told from direct perspectives and experiences of people around the world.

For years, the concept of PeoplesStories has been an idea developing in our minds.  And the launching of our website – finally! – is the result of our persistence and diligence to see our vision manifest.

Logo and Pictures

We personally travel, build friendships and produce – from filming to editing and post production – all our videos.

Travel combined with film work can be a “romantic” pursuit at times.  Mostly, however, countless hours are devoted to planning and logistics, meeting people and developing relationships, coordinating interviews, promoting and marketing, etc.

Along with all the work for which we are passionate and grateful, we do have related costs. These costs include:

  • travel and equipment expenses and online marketing/promotion
  • website host fees and site development consultation when needed
  • education and training such as online classes, etc., to develop our skills

Your donation – no matter the amount – will help ensure we have the financial means to continue sharing with our world family our vision of…Peoplesstories.

Thank you for your following and support.

Darrell and Julia

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